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Nancy Mohr says the best times have been meeting and writing about people who never make the national headlines, but are the heart and soul of their families and communities. It is an equal pleasure to see the reactions of readers of her latest book - Delicious Memories - part memoir, part cookbook...


“Warning…Do not read this book if you are hungry! Nancy Mohr has managed to write an absolutely delicious book about her exciting experiences on the road for the magazine Countryside and her own down home adventures that keep you enthralled and entertained. Complete with unusual recipes and filled with love and humor.”

Joan Ripley - former President of The American Booksellers Association and 
founder of The Second Story Bookshop in Chappaqua, NY


“With an engaging, conversational tone and insightful descriptions, Nancy L. Mohr takes readers on an appetizing journey in Delicious Memories. Part memoir, part cookbook, part history lesson, and total entertainment, the book chronicles lively chapters in Mohr’s life as a magazine writer, entrepreneur, conservationist, wife and mother. As Mohr writes: “The best times have been meeting and writing about people who never make the national headlines but are the heart and soul of their families and communities … finding open doors and invitations to meals where strangers became friends.” If you are fortunate enough to count yourself among Mohr’s friends, the book will likely deepen your appreciation for her myriad community contributions. And if you don’t know her, the vicarious moments she shares will make you feel like one.”

Kathleen Brady Shea, Chadds Ford Live


"The book is eloquent and beautiful in writing as well as design, and as usual, I am struck by two reactions: (1) how did you become and remain such a superlative reporter, as well as a beautiful writer and (2) who were your alter egos who had so many thousands of hours to do so much?"

Martin M.


"I have just finished reading this amazing book and am greatly impressed. Since I now understand so much more about the process you have been through, I am awed by your vivid descriptive and sharp writing, your eye for details and perspectives, and the joy with which you report these adventures. I had no idea of the travel and experiences you had with Countryside - nor the enormous energy with which you managed to juggle all the constituencies to which you were committed. WOW! I could almost picture the scenes in the Wild Goose!"

Mary L.


"...Can't wait for a rainy afternoon to really delve into it and then cook up something delicious. It seems to be a combination memoir and cook book, and I admire you so much for the idea. As always, you write beautifully. You have a real way with words. I told [a friend] that I can't think of anyone else I know who has been able to combine family, career, community interests, and creative thinking as well. You have made a difference in so many ways."

Lois T.


"Delicious Memories by Nancy Mohr is a lovely memoir that includes recipes, since the author is, among other things, a foodie. The book takes you on Mohr’s journeys and assignments during her life, including her stint as a restaurant owner of the Wild Goose Inn,  one in Montana to write stories about Montana ranchers, an adventure with a  circus, weddings, sailing trips, and picnics. Many photos and recipes accompany the text, so the reader is actually privvy to a photo album and many recipes. ..."

Ellensue Spicer

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Delicious Memories is a full-size Perfect Bound book.
148 Pages, Full Color

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